The Future of Retail in Beta



Put your ear to the ground and you can hear the future. That’s because the advance party has already arrived – we are living in an early beta version of what’s to come. But the rumblings you sense now are nothing compared to the earthquake on its way. 

Steve Brown, Chief Evangelist and Futurist at Intel, believes that “there will be as much disruption in every sector in the next decade as has been experienced in the last 30 years in media and publishing.” Print in particular was relatively easy to play havoc with, reckons Brown, and now more complex categories are in for an overhaul.

With that provocative proclamation (chilling or challenging – you choose), Brown opened the WPP/Intel Futurecasting Summit that I attended at Intel’s headquarters outside Portland, Oregon.

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Mite-y Beginnings

"I revere bears. I had a big male bear that I used to leave fish about a hundred yards from my cabin. I’d leave the fish on a stump and the bear would eat them. When I would come home from the bar, sometimes he would stop me and I would roll down the window, and he would set his chin right on the doorjamb and I’d scratch his head - but that was stupid." - Jim Harrison, author of Legends of The Fall.